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Update: Out of stock but watch this space!

Hello everyone! Dai Gah Ho!

I am out of stock of my Hurrah for Yum Cha Board Books and all the B-Grade stock has also sold out. I do still have a few Bang Bang Noodles Board Books left so grab them before they run out too!

Many people have been emailing to ask when I will be getting more stock in and the answer is a bit convoluted, please bear with me!

A lot has changed since I first began writing these books back in Lockdown 2020.

For starters, our family is bigger by one little human. A whole other little person who has now become a Very Busy Toddler. And as joy- and love-filled as our lives are as a family of five, I have found it tough trying to squeeze working hours inbetween meeting the demands of three pint sized tyrants *ahem* small gorgeous children. Keeping boxes and boxes of books in our tiny little house has also proven to be increasingly problematic with the exponential increase of laundry and toys and chaos that comes with being a bigger family.

The book publishing landscape has also changed.

Post COVID, like most other goods and services it seems, shipping and printing costs have increased. However, newly available Print-On-Demand systems on large platforms like Amazon are making it easier to access printing services without having to order and store hundreds/thousands of books in advance.

All this has given me a chance to reflect on and update my business model to embrace these changes. I am currently working to make the move to using these Print-On-Demand systems. The more efficient system will hopefully mean it will be easier for you to purchase my books and also means I will be able to write and publish new books!

So my exciting news is that although it looks like things have stalled, I am as passionate as ever about bringing Kiwi-Asian Chinese-New Zealand stories to life. Behind the scenes, whenever I can snatch some time, I am working on revising, updating, and expanding Hurrah For Yum Cha and Bang Bang Noodles to be available as paperbacks on a print on demand service like Amazon and I am also working on some new books that I can't wait to share with you all!

Hopefully, these will be available later in the year so watch this space!

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